• Organic topinambur press residue 100g

    4.00 Including VAT
    40.00 /Kg
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  • Organic sea buckthorn-topinambur powder 150g

    5.20 Including VAT
    34.67 /Kg
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  • Organic topinambur powder 150g

    5.40 Including VAT
    36.00 /Kg
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  • Hot chocolate drink with topinambur 200g

    4.70 Including VAT
    23.50 /Kg
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  • Organic freeze dried topinambur powder 150G

    8.30 Including VAT
    55.33 /Kg
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 „Topinambur juice and dry ingredients process specification and profitabilty analysis“

Period: 01.10.2018-31.05.2019. Objective: find an effective solution, how to avoid browning of topinambur juice and powder and produce commercially attractive and healthy organic products. Topinambur bulb small scale production feasibility and profitabilty analysis are conducted. Result: healthy and high-quality topinambur powder- and juice production technology. Overview of topinambur small scale production feasibility, profitabilty and risks. Fund name: European Regional Development Fund, EAS Development voucher. Grant budget: 13 283,23 euros.

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