Crispy meatballs with topinambur powder

Meatballs are definately one of the estonians favourite foods and through history they have tried to enroch recipes every kind of ways. Can we enjoy meatballs to the fullest but at the same time knowing that they are rich in nutritional value? Of course! In this traditional recipe, bread is replaced with topinambur powder.


Put minced meat in a bowl, chop the onion and add it to the meat. Then add the raw egg, a bit of liquid (water/milk/sour cream) and salt-pepper. Mix it a bit. Then add topinambur powder and mix thoroughly with hands.

Make medium sized balls with your hands and press a bit, but not too much, otherwise they might cook to dry. Then press into breadcrumbs both ways. Tip! You can season breadcrumbs with different flavours!

Fry meatballs on the one side until breading is crispy and meatball is cooked half way through. Then turn it around and fry until other side is also cooked and cripsy on the top. Do not put cooked meatballs in a bowl with lid, because the crispiness goes moist from the heat.

Serve with fluffy potato-pea purée and with fresh salad.


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