Organic kukrum latte 160g

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Organic golden milk or curcuma latte is known for its healing properties. Golden Milk is an ancient Indian drink that has anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing properties.



Organic kurkum latte

Kurkum latte is an Indian blend of spices. You just have to add your favorite milk and you can get „Golden milk“. The turmeric in the spice mixture is appreciated for its health benefiits. Tumeric contains pigment called curcumin (which gives the plant its strong yellow color) has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as curcumin enhances the immune system and stimulates digestion.

  • has antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory effect
  • protects and nurtures the body
  • gives warm and excites the spirit
  • organic product

Using: mix 1 teaspoon powder with 400 ml (vegetable) milk and heat to boil, let stand for 3 minutes. Strain and taste with honey. You can add 1 teaspoon of coconut or almond oil. The powder is not soluble.

Composition: turmeric, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, clove. Organic farming

Nutrition facts per 100g:

energy 338 kCal/1410 KJ
Total fats 7g , of which saturated fatty acids 3g
carbohydrates 64g , including sugars 3g
protein 7,8g
dietary fibre 21g
sodium 0,38g

Country of origin: Estonia

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