Organic sun-dried tomatoes 160g

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Use in Italian meals, pizza, salads, pastes, pastas or pots. Also suitable for snack.



Sun-dried tomatoes with sea salt

Sun-dried tomatoes with sea salt are made from organic tomatoes. They are ideal for Italian food, pizza, salads, soups, pasta sauce.

  • a savory snack
  • lycopene contained in tomatoes is absorbed by the human body by almost 50%
  • organic product

composition: sun-dried tomatoes, sea salt. Organic farming

Nutrition facts per 100g:

energy 190 kcal
carbohydrates 21 g , including sugars 8 g
total fats 12,5g , of which saturated fatty acids  1,3 g
protein 5 g

dietary fiber 12,7 g
sodium 1,2 g


Country of origin: Italy/Turkey

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